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Chocolate rain falls in Switzerland

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Residents of an industrial area of Olten, a town in north-western Switzerland, just few days ago, have been reporting chocolate powder raining from the sky.

Well, if chocolate was ever going to fall from the sky anywhere in the world, it had to be just in Switzerland, the European country well-known for making probably the best chocolate in the world!
Reports of chocolate powder falling from the sky in the town of Olten started showing up online a few days ago, accompanied by photos of cars covered in brown. People could hardly believe it, but authorities confirmed it and so did also the company responsible for the bizarre phenomenon.

What’s wrong? The town of Olten, in Switzerland’s Solothurn canton, is home to a Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory, and a malfunction of the cooling ventilation system of a cocoa roasting line at the factory apparently caused the delicious powdered to be released into the outside air. And then the strong winds that have been blowing in the area carried the powdered chocolate from the factory to nearby residential areas.
Locals have been having a funny day, from joking about walking outside with a cup of milk and cereal to catch some chocolate, to lamenting about it not raining Swiss watches instead.
In any case, the chocolate factory has been working hard to fix the ventilation problem emphasizing that the powder is no danger to people or the environment.
Well, if that’s the case, they could let it rain for a while longer…

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