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#TodayInHistory – September 16

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September 16 – Some important events on this day.

1498 👉🏼 A frail, 78-year-old Dominican monk, Tomás de Torquemada, offered his final prayers to God on this day, turned his face to his pillow, then died. And thousands rejoiced. Why?

1630 👉🏼 Massachusetts village of Shawmut changes its name to Boston
1795 👉🏼 British capture Capetown, South Africa, from the Dutch
1810 👉🏼 Mexico issues Grito de Dolores, calling for the end of Spanish rule (Mexican Independence Day)
1847 👉🏼 Shakespeare Birthplace Trust buys bard’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon
1848 👉🏼 Slavery abolished in all French territories
1906 👉🏼 Douglas Mawson, Edgeworth David and Alistair Mackay claim to have discovered the Magnetic South Pole in Antarctica
1908 👉🏼 Carriage-maker, William C. Durant, founds General Motors in Flint, Michigan

1920 👉🏼 The “Wall Street bombing” occurs at 12:01 when a horse-drawn wagon explodes on Wall Street, New York, killing 38 and injuring 143.
On this day, a bomb carried in a horse carriage, approximately 45kg of dynamite, exploded outside the J.P. Morgan building at 23 Wall Street. The bomb killed 30 people instantly and a further 8 died of their injuries later on.
The driver of the wagon managed to escape, and this greatly complicated efforts to find the perpetrators. Investigators initially thought it might have been an accident, given the lack of specific target, and given that most of the dead were young people working jobs such as messenger and stenographer.
The FBI was never able to decisively say who carried out the bombing. Today, historians and investigators believe it was the work of anarchists, who had been responsible for a series of attacks across America in 1919. It was believed that a group called the Galleanists, Italian anarchists who followed Luigi Galleani, were responsible. He had recently been deported and it is speculated the bombing may have been in retaliation for that.

1963 👉🏼 Federation of Malaysia formed by Malaya, Singapore, British North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak
1978 👉🏼 25,000 die in 7.7 earthquake in Tabar, Iran
1997 👉🏼 Apple Computer Inc names co-founder Steve Jobs interim CEO
2015 👉🏼 700 million malaria cases prevented in Africa since 2000 in report by University of Oxford in “Nature” journal

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