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#TodayInHistory – October 5

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October 5 – Some important events on this day.

1274 👉🏼 Around 1,000 soldiers of the Mongol army land on the Japanese island of Tsushima, the first attack of Kublai Khan’s Mongol invasion of Japan.
In 1274 the Mongol Empire under Kublai Khan launched the first of two failed invasions of Japan. Eight years before, Kublai had sent a letter to the Japanese emperor (who in the letter he called the “King of Japan”), threatening the use of force unless Japan submitted.
The Japanese did not respond. So it was that five years later the Mongol empire (specifically the Yuan dynasty in China and Korean soldiers form the tributary state of Goryeo) launched an amphibious attack on Japan. The Mongols were however repulsed in their first invasion, and, upon being forced back to their ships, were sunk by a large typhoon.
Another invasion occurred in 1281. Prior to this Kublai Khan had sent emissaries from the Yuan dynasty to Japan to negotiate but the Japanese had them beheaded. Again the Mongols were defeated by stiff resistance and their retreating ships sunk by a typhoon.
The invasions were important moments in both countries, being a defining battle in the history of Japan and setting a limit on Mongol expansion which until then had been unabated.

1789 👉🏼 French Revolution: Women of Paris march to Versailles in the March on Versailles to confront Louis XVI about his refusal to promulgate the decrees on the abolition of feudalism, demand bread, and have the King and his court moved to Paris.
The women’s march began three months after the storming of the Bastille, in the markets of Paris amid anger at the price of and scarcity of bread. Before long the women were ransacking Paris’ city hall, the Hôtel de Ville, for weapons and intent on marching to Versailles itself, 13 km away.
By the time the marchers had reached Versailles six hours later their numbers had swelled to ten thousand with men and soldiers joining them. They occupied the National Assembly and broke into the palace killing a few guards and nearly capturing Marie Antoinette.
They forced King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to appear to hear their grievances and only abandoned their protests when the king and queen agreed to abandon Versailles for Paris.

1813 👉🏼 Battle of Thames in Canada; Americans defeat British

1864 👉🏼 Most of Calcutta destroyed by cyclone, approx 60,000 die
1869 👉🏼 A strong hurricane known as the Saxby Gale devastates the Bay of Fundy region in Maritime Canada. Incredibly British naval officer Stephen Martin Saxby predicted the storm 10 months earlier in December 1868 via astronomy.
1916 👉🏼 Adolf Hitler is wounded in the left thigh by an exploding shell during the Battle of the Somme, the largest battle on the Western Front of World War I and one of the deadliest in history, with more than a million casualties.
1969 👉🏼 Monty Python’s Flying Circus begins airing on BBC TV
1978 👉🏼 Over 30 major nations ratify the Environmental Modification Convention which prohibits weather warfare that has widespread, long-lasting or severe effects
1988 👉🏼 Brazil adopts its Constitution

1996 👉🏼 Phet and Ploy dressed in matching pink for their astonishing wedding ceremony.

2005 👉🏼 Vampire novel “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer is first published by Little Brown
2018 👉🏼 Banksy work “Girl With Balloon” automatically shreds moments after being sold for 1 million pounds in London, re-named “Love is in the Bin”

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