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Underwater abandoned Aquarium of Silver Cay, Bahamas

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We are on Silver Cay, part of the city of Nassau and Island of New Providence, Bahamas.
The Coral Island Marine Park is located on a small cay off of Nassau city and was once a popular tourist destination.
Opening in 1987 by Coral World International, it was the biggest park developed by the company at the time, and it was an instant hit in Nassau becoming the leading tourist attraction in the city. It offered a museum, underwater observatory, shark, turtle and stingray pools, but also snorkeling trails and a hotel. The Observatory offered sea level and underwater marine viewing.
Coral World International sold the park to the Marriott Nassau Beach Hotel in 1995, when It was renamed ‘Silver Cay’.
However, when the massive Hurricane Floyd hit in 1999, it caused great and severe damage all across the Bahamas and East Coast of the US and caused the closure of the marine park.
It has since been abandoned and forgotten.
And many believe, including some tour guides, that it is a research station or former lighthouse….

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