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#TodayInHistory – November 22

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November 22 – Some important events on this day.

845 👉🏼 First King of all Brittany, Nominoe defeats Frankish King Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon, near Redon
1497 👉🏼 Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope on way to first voyage from Europe to reach India

1900 👉🏼 First Mercedes goes for a test drive
On this day, first car to be produced under the Mercedes name is taken for its inaugural drive in Cannstatt, Germany. The car was specially built for its buyer, Emil Jellinek, an entrepreneur with a passion for fast, flashy cars. Jellinek had commissioned the Mercedes car from the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft: it was lighter and sleeker than any car the company had made before, and he was confident that it would win races so handily that besotted buyers would snap it up. And in fact he was so confident that he bought 36 of them.
In exchange for this extraordinary patronage, the company agreed to name its new machine after Jellinek’s 11-year-old daughter, Mercedes.
In 1902, the company legally registered the Mercedes brand name.

1926 👉🏼 Imperial Conference ends, giving autonomy inside British Commonwealth
1935 👉🏼 Flying boat “China Clipper” takes off from Alameda, California, carrying 100,000 pieces of mail on 1st trans-Pacific airmail flight
1963 👉🏼 US President John F. Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in an open-topped motorcade in Dallas, Texas
1968 👉🏼 1st interracial TV kiss (Star Trek – Captain Kirk and Uhura)
1969 👉🏼 Isolation of a single gene announced by scientists at Harvard University
1986 👉🏼 20-years-old Mike Tyson becomes the youngest heavyweight champ in history
1995 👉🏼 “Toy Story”, the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery, directed by John Lasseter and starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, is released
2005 👉🏼 Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany
2017 👉🏼 Vanellope Wilkins, born with her heart outside her body, is first UK baby to survive birth and operations to reinsert her heart

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