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#TodayInHistory – November 25

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November 25 – Some important events on this day.

1034 👉🏼 Malcolm II, King of Scots (Máel Coluim mac Cináeda) (b. 980) dies; Donnchad, the son of his second daughter Bethóc and Crínán of Dunkeld, inherits the throne.
1177 👉🏼 Battle of Montgisard: Baldwin IV of Jerusalem defeats Saladin and a larger Ayyubid force
1667 👉🏼 A deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha, in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.
1715 👉🏼 First English patent granted to an American, for processing corn
1783 👉🏼 Britain evacuates New York city, its last military position in the United States
1839 👉🏼 Cyclone slams south eastern India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying city of Coringa. Storm waves sweep inland, destroying 20,000 ships and killing an estimated 300,000 people
1905 👉🏼 Telimco makes the 1st ever advertisement for a radio set, by advertising a $7.50 set in the “Scientific American” which claimed to receive signals for up to one mile
1920 👉🏼 1st Thanksgiving Parade (Philadelphia)
1986 👉🏼 Iran-Contra affair erupts, President Reagan reveals secret arms deal
1999 👉🏼 First International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
2005 👉🏼 Polish Minister of National Defence Radek Sikorski opens Warsaw Pact archives to historians showing maps of possible nuclear strikes against Western Europe, including the nuclear annihilation of 43 Polish cities by Soviet-controlled forces.
2011 👉🏼 Sudden violent storms strike southern Sri Lanka, killing 27 people and drowning many fishermen caught by surprise. Thousands of homes lose their roofs and several more sustain damage. Landslides along with flooding was reported on the mainland.
2013 👉🏼 Disney release “Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media 2015, 2014 Billboard Album of the Year)

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