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A Moldy-Looking Bun or a Creamy Delicacy?

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Photos of a moldy-looking bun sold on Chinese online marketplace Taobao have been getting a lot of attention on Asian social media recently, because of its unappetizing appearance: matcha and cheese bun that looks a few months past its expiration date.
Underneath its light brown exterior, the treat has a light green appearance that looks just like the food mold that develops on old bread.
Only it’s worse than that, as squeezing the bun causes the green matcha and cheese mixture to ooze out of it!

Photos of the unusual treat went viral last week, after being posted on a private Facebook group called Taobao Happy Share. As you can imagine, they left a lot of people confused, and many of them started sharing the pic on their social media accounts.
As a result, soon everyone was asking about the moldy-looking buns!
While the general opinion was that the buns looked unappetizing, according to many of the over 500 customer reviews on Taobao, these are true delicacies and many people praised their softness and great taste, claiming that they will “definitely buy again”.
The seller markets the buns as “slightly bitter and unsweet, high-quality Japanese-style matcha buns”, and are made with Japanese green tea matcha and powdered milk from New Zealand.
The company is currently selling them for 18 yuan ($2.80) per piece.

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