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The chinese man who used Lamborghini exhaust to cook world’s most expensive skewered meat

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Recently a young Lamborghini owner in China got his own minute of internet fame by trying to barbecue some skewered pork with the car’s fiery exhaust (and incurring about $80,000 in repair costs).

The curious “cooking show” took place when a group was gathered around an orange Lamborghini in an underground garage in Changsha, Hunan Province. Out of nowhere, the sports car owner and his friend decided it would be pretty cool if they could cook their skewered meat using their car’s exhaust, in what many have called the world’s most expensive skewered pork.
Of course, Lamborghini’s pack a lot of power so it’s understandable to assume that their exhaust can output quite some heat.
The driver kept pressing the acceleration pedal of the parked car, while his smiling friend held the skewer.
Nothing could go wrong, right?
Well, Lamborghinis’ extreme power makes them prone to overheating, at least, when one incessantly hits the throttle while parked.
With no way for the engine to cool off, the water tank literally blew up and the expensive sports car was engulfed in white vapor. As a result, coolant started leaking from under the vehicle, so both men and the surrounding crowd moved back until the steam dissipated.
It seems that the repair costs of the Lamborghini were estimated at around 500,000 yuan ($79,000), which is quite expensive for a pork skewer.
However, the incident didn’t seem to bother the car owner much as pictures showed them smiling and laughing while pushing the car onto a tow truck.

The video went viral in China, sparking outrage among the public, many of which decried the attitude of the young driver, claiming that he nonchalantly ruined a car that most Chinese people (and not only) can only dream of.
Others deservedly called it an example of the lack of healthy principles displayed by many youths born into wealth.
All I can say is, if I had a Lamborghini, I wouldn’t be using it to grill a skewered pork.

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