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Here is the story behind the Leidse Koffie!

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In the Dutch city of Leiden, coffee comes in an alternative way: it begins with a base of black brew and then it gets a dash of cinnamon liqueur, usually topped off with a nice dollop of whipped cream.
Now quite popular in the city, the spiced drink was born from a happenstance discovery and a very creative restaurant owner.

Leidse koffie originated in Restaurant de Gaanderij in the early 1980s.
Before Peter van de Hoorn bought it in 1982, the monumental building from 1558 was home to the distillery “de drie boompjes”.
However, when the distillers left, they didn’t take all their equipment, some of which is still stored in the restaurant’s attic.
Most importantly, they didn’t take all their booze, leaving a few barrels of cinnamon liqueur in the basement. Thus the restaurant’s owner started pouring it into coffee, telling visitors that it was a local tradition to drink it.
Of course, it was not, but the owner managed to spread the word and, over time, the tradition became true.
Though other cafes and restaurants serve Leidse Koffie today, many people go to the original source to enjoy the drink, sometimes also referred to as the “Old Dutch Coffee” on the menu.

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