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The “Ridiculous Butter” flavored with lobster and crab that costs $130

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“Ridiculous No.55 Lobster and Crab Butter” is a handmade butter made by UK-based family company Sublime Butter, that has been voted one of the world’s finest foods by a panel of 355 judges.

If you love food, you probably know that there is nothing better than butter.
Butter makes everything better.
The versatile velvety spread is a staple at every breakfast table and can be used for a huge array of dishes, and some are just incomplete without it.
But not all butter is created equal, because this variety tastes nothing like the classic dairy product most of us buy at the supermarket.
Not only is it whisked to perfection out of the finest milk fats, but it is mixed in with bits of shellfish (lobster and Devon Crab), but also caviar, fennel, and lemon to create a truly unique spread.

Ridiculous butter is by its nature ridiculous, we like to push boundaries and do things that have never been done before,” Sublime Butter founder, Chris Mair, said. “Last year we created a truffle, bone marrow, Madeira and Blue Stichelton cheese butter, and this year we created the ‘Ridiculous Number 55, the lobster, crab, caviar butter.”

Priced at an astonishing £95 ($130), “Ridiculous No.55 Butter” not only tastes exstraordinary, but also has a premium look to fit the price: instead of the regular butter packaging, Sublime Butter opted for a handmade porcelain dish that’s reportedly handmade in Italy.
If Sublime Butter has also a selection of flavored butters, no.55 is by far the most incredible one, as it is one of the products to have won three stars at this year’s Great Taste Awards hosted by The Guild of Fine Foods.
A panel of 355 judges voted it one of the world’s finest foods, praising its exquisite flavor and velvety-smooth texture.

You can tell a butter is good when you want to sit there and just eat spoonfuls of it without any bread or biscuits to go alongside,” one judge said.

This is such an exciting, innovative product. The butter has been whipped perfectly to give a wonderful mouthfeel. The fennel comes through with sophistication as does the citrus. And generous pieces of shellfish just add to the overall luxury,” another added, while a third called it irresistible.

Priced at $130 per about 200 grams, Ridiculous Number 55 is one of the most expensive foods all over the world. Why not try it together with the world’s most expensive sandwich or the world’s most expensive burger?

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