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“Le Courage”: the Russian restaurant that looks like an abandoned mansion

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Describe the “Le Courage” restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Russia, as a place with a vintage look would be a understatement, as it looks to be really a beutiful abandoned place, in a state of severe disrepair.
But it’s all by design, as the absolutely modern place opened just a couple of years ago.

Located in Saint Petersburg’s newly-built Russian House residential complex, Le Courage is a modern restaurant with a very unique look. It’s designed as a 18th-century mansion in serious need of repairs, with deliberately worn walls, chipped stucco moldings, antique furniture, and worn floorboards.
During the “renovation”, designers used a hammer to chip away at the stucco molds they had just glued onto the walls, they washed out the plaster to make it look like the ceiling had survived more than one serious water leak, and the 18th-century pattern wallpaper was deliberately left unfinished in places.
Moreover, cherry on the top, on the crumbling ceiling are massive golden chandeliers decorated with dried flowers and laurel branches, and the used furniture only enhances the decaying look of the place.
The wooden floorboards are also worn, just like the chairs, doors, and cabinets, and there’s even a “Le Courage” logo sprayed on the wall.

And, about the restaurant’s kitchen, it serves an array of dishes inspired by historical dishes of the 18th-19th centuries, but with a modern twist.
You can find classics like cabbage soup and roasts, as well as a variety of pickles and appetizers.
All to enjoy in an amazing atmosphere, as important as the food, if not more so!

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