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Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya, the Japanese Butcher Shop that makes people wait years for its legendary beef croquettes

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A legendary butcher shop in Takasago, Japan, allegedly makes Kobe beef croquettes so delicious that people are willing to wait years….and even decades just to try them!
And that’s not a joke.
Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya, a popular butcher shop in Hyōgo Prefecture, has been making crispy beef croquettes since it opened, in 1918. And nothing strange, as you can go right in and order yourself a couple of these fried treats.
You’ll most likely love every single bite.
However, if you’re looking to try the very best croquettes the shop has to offer, you’ll have to wait in line. Well, more or less.
The butcher shop’s famed Kobe beef croquettes are in such high demand that people have to wait years to receive their order.

Asahiya’s Kobe beef croquettes are well-known delicacies among Japanese foodies, but their exclusivity has once again been brought into the spotlight recently by a curious tweet. Recently, a Twitter user took to the popular social network to announce that she finally received her Kobe beef croquettes from Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya, 9 years after pacing the order.
Of course, people were intrigued by this revelation, but soon, other people replied, saying that they still have years to wait to get theirs, with one person claiming that they are scheduled to receive their Kobe beef croquettes in 2052!
Although that sounds like an exaggeration, or even a joke, the official Asahiya website features a notification that the waiting period is about 30 years!

So, if you are a regular, middle-aged croquettes lover, intrigued by Asahiya’s Kobe beef delicacy you might not know if you’ll be around long enough to actually try them!
And ow much does what are among world’s ultimate beef croquettes cost?
Well, it’s actually not that expensive, compared to other treats: 2,700 yen (around $21) for a pack of five croquettes but, in this case, it’s the insane waiting time that’s daunting!

The reason?
According to the Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya, making the croquettes is a laborious process and, since only the finest and rarest Kobe beef is used, only about 200 pieces are made every day.
And that’s nothing compared to the demand for them, so the waiting list now stretches for 30 years.

Luckily for fans, croquettes lovers, curious and not only, Asahiya offers a variety of delicacies, including beef croquettes that people say are to die for.
But if you want the very best the legendary butcher shop has to offer, you’ll have to wait at least 30 years at this moment….

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