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Pretty coffins to sleep in now on sale in Japan made by local Tokyo craftsmen

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If you’re looking for some new furniture, Ziggy Vamp Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based company, would like you to take their products into consideration. And if you’re wondering if “Vamp” is short for “vampire,” the answer is yes, since they specialize in coffins and other products for wannabe vampires.
Ziggy Vamp operates the Kikirara Coffin Factory in the city’s Ota Ward. These caskets, however, are intended for use by the living.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your very own sleeping coffin, now you’re in luck as, for just 429,000 yen, about $3,200, you can order the typical vampire bed and feel like a real night creature!
Yes, with its $3,200 it isn’t cheap, but this isn’t a generic coffin you’re spending your money on. Not only is it hand-made from real wood by carpenters at established woodworking and upholstering companies Yushin Kensho and Dainichi, but they are also highly customizable and have multiple uses.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a vampire coffin bed, but if you ever get tired of it, you can simply use it as something else, formexample as a couch, dining table or even as an extra storage space.
You can order it in different colors, Exterior colors include classic woodgrain and black, or you can go gothic-chic with red or white.
Of course, this being Japan, cuteness is always a viable choice too, so Ziggy Vamp also offers its coffins in pretty pink. You can also opt for a variety of metallic accessories like handles and crosses, and choose the type and color of upholstery from velour or satin.
The vampire coffins come in two sizes, a standard 187-cm-long option, and a 197-cm standard-plus.
Prices vary, but they start at 429,000 yen ($3,200), but what price would you put on a goodnights, (or if you are really are a vampire) days sleep?
Either way, Ziggy Vamp initiated a crowdfunding campaign for the vampire coffin bed in 2020, and realized that there was a demand for this kind of unusual furniture, so they set up a real production line, and now anyone can sleep like a real vampire…

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