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The curious story of the man who has been peeing almost daily on grave of his ex-wife

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A New Jersey man has been holding such a grudge against the ex-wife he divorced nearly five decades ago that he goes to her grave almost every day.
And not in the ordinary way.

This shocking story was recently made public by 43-year-old Michael Murphy, who catched the culprit in the act using hidden cameras after finding traces of urine and plastic bags with feces whenever he visited his mother’s resting place at the cemetery at Tappan Reformed Church in Orangetown, New York.
The captured footage revealed an elderly man, visiting the grave almost every day, at around 6:00 in the morning, doing his business on the woman’s headstone.
He was later identified as her ex-husband, Dean Eichler, 68, whom she had divorced 48 years ago and whom she had not been in contact with since 1976.
His SUV is left running as he approaches the grave while unzipping his fly. He looks around, then does his business.
Then he ambles back to the SUV.

THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART,” Michael wrote on Facebook a few days ago.
A man from Bergen county New Jersey has been leaving bags of poo and p*****g on my mother’s tombstone almost every morning like a ‘normal routine’ assisted by his wife also. We have weeks and months of evidence. It has been reported to the police and the news outlets. No one in my family has had contact with him since 1976 or so.”

Michael’s mother, Linda Louise Torello, was married for a brief period of time to the man captured on video but had a falling out when she became pregnant and the man did not want responsibility for their child.
He has apparently been holding a grudge ever since.

How he found my mother’s grave site we are not sure. But this stems back to a problem almost 50 years ago. Pray for us thank you and please share this!!!” Michael wrote in his Facebook post.

He and his sister asked permission from the cemetery administration to install the hidden cameras, hoping to catch the culprit in the act, after discovering traces of urine and bags of feces at their mother’s grave almost daily.
But the captured footage also revealed that the man was almost always accompanied by his current wife, which only makes the deed more annoying.
Either way, after police said that they couldn’t take any actions against the man doing his business on a dead woman’s grave on a daily basis, Michael Murphy told reporters that he hoped to file a complaint against the man for cemetery desecration.

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