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Armboxing – one of the world’s weirdest contact sport

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Sports fans around the world love the thrill and excitement offered by their favourite, whether that be football, the risk and reward of Formula One or our volleyball, there’s something for everyone.
Combat sports such as boxing and UFC have absolutely huge followings, with the brutal nature and risk of the sports captivating their audiences around the world, with events taking place on every corner of our planet.
We now appear to have a new version on the block when it comes to boxing, with the sport known as ‘armboxing’ going viral on social media given the insane nature of the events.

The world is full of weird and wacky sports, but when it comes to downright crazy inventions, the Russians are definitely among the bests.
After the car-jitsu, basically jiu jitsu in your car, they have come up with something even more unusual.
This unprecedented sport is like a mix between boxing and the slap contests, with the competitors on stage battling it out to win.
Basically, the new contact sport sees two fighters standing opposite each other being chained to a podium with their lead hands glued together and the other hand free to do damage.
Imagine boxing without any footwork or a guard, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what armboxing is all about.
Instead of moving around in a ring, the two fighters have nowhere to run and can only rely on head and torso movement to stop their opponent’s blows.
This makes for a real brutal, and some would say ‘entertaining’, contest.

Armboxing matches consist of up to three one-minute rounds.
If both fighters manage to get past the second round, the third and final act features slightly different rules, in fact the fighters have their lead hands released and can pound each other with both fists.

The first few clips of armboxing matches made their way onto video sharing platforms like TikTok in July, and they’ve been getting a lot of attention. It may not rival MMA or classic boxing anytime soon, but armboxing is offering the kind of entertainment that many are looking for these days.

“This is what Mayweather vs Pacquiao was supposed to be,” one person commented on Twitter.
“Armboxing is The Craziest & Greatest F’N Combat Sport Ever,” someone else wrote.
“I would love to see two high level boxers do this. It would be carnage.”
“The next great evolution of man.”

Will we ever see this at the Olympic Games?!

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