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July 21: celebrate National Junk Food Day!

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Originally written on July 21, 2022 – updated 2023

Junk foods are usually, by definition, high in fats, sugars, salt and, above all, calories!
But more often than not they are absolutely delicious! And Junk Food Day is the perfect day to enjoy them.
On this day, you get to eat anything you want, and any amounts that you want, too. Tomorrow, however, it’s back to a healthy diet (if you want).
And not only candies.
Do you like bacon? Eat so much bacon!
Do you like hot dogs? Eat all the hot dogs you want!
Onion rings, finger foods? Yes please!
And even Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as this day is all about indulging in all your favorites!
Do you count carbs or calories?
On Junk Food Day, you’re off the hook. Sure, your fat-free frozen yogurt is tasty, but today get the double fudge ice cream without feeling any guilt!
This is a day that allows you to chow down on the foods that you usually would not.

Upon searching for the history behind this food filled day, we found no information on its origin.
It was most likely created by a diet conscious individual or group who desired to eat junk food without guilt at least one day a year, sounds like a great idea. And, for it to become a “national” day it requires an act of congress, but we don’t mind celebrating it anyway!

And, what about junk food itself?
When did this start to come into our lives?
Well, this coincides with the advent of packaged foods throughout the late 1900s. Of course, for decades, home-cooked meals were still the standard. However, after World War II, junk food really started to become popular.
People was traveling more and eating out more, and this resulted in fast food chains and the frozen food aisle really taking off. There were so many different foods for people to choose from. However, it was not until the 1970s that junk food started to get a “bad name”, and this was when microbiologist Michael Jacobson actually coined the phrase. His aim was to try and curb our appetite for high preservative, salt, and sugar foods, which we were eating at a worrying rate.
Since then, there has been more knowledge and information about so-called junk food, and a lot of food manufacturers have tried to make “healthy versions” of the versions that we love the most. Nevertheless, if you have junk food now and again yet you generally maintain a healthy diet, it should not do you any harm!
After all, we all deserve a treat now and again, right?

How to celebrate this wonderful day?
All easy! Of course, by eating any sweet or salty treats you want! You can also bake cupcakes, cookies, heat up some popcorn, and buy some of your favorite candies, or even go get some fast food!
Consider also trying some junk foods from other countries. Look online to see if you can order special treats for the day.
You may also want to decide to spend National Junk Food Day with your friends.
Why, for example, not host a junk food party? You can tell your friends that everyone has to bring carby and fatty foods. There are no green leafy foods allowed!
After all, it’s not something that we get to do all of days of the year, is it? So, you may as well make the most of it and indulge in every delicious food!
We won’t tell anyone…

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