Villa Renier, historic villa abode of Ugo Foscolo

This beautiful historic villa is located on a hill surrounded by cypress trees, in a small village of 600 inhabitants. Here, as early as 200 there was a fortified building. The current villa was built in the 500, for a noble Venetian patrician, and later, in the 700, it was enlarged adding four other buildings, called 4 towers, which had different functions (for example library and oratory). The real Villa (the manor house) has a rectangular plan, and was built in the traditional Venetian ways, with a large hall on which the four side rooms open. The other buildings are different. It is said that in the nineteenth century Ugo Foscolo, Italian poet, writer and translator and one of the leading writers of neoclassicism and pre-Romanticism, stayed in this villa and wrote here the novel “Ultime lettere a Jacopo Ortis”. Very interesting is the room where i found three carriages, placed one next to the other, that appears dead, without life and without purpose.

And now? After more than 20 years since the death of the elderly landlord (this was told me, by a local inhabitant), the four heirs were never able to buy the villa, because the price (that imposed by the judge) was too high. and they can not even subdivide it, because the ministry of cultural heritage does not allow it and the villa, the park and the walls must remain a single property. therefore it is not possible to sell it, it is not possible to divide it, and now it is completely abandoned. in 2004 there was a robbery, and the furnishings are almost all stolen. fortunately the three pianos not.

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