Villa Magnoni and its ghost.

Very little is known about Villa Magnoni, an abandoned house in Cona, near Ferrara. The old, big house must once have been magnificent, but it has been empty for lot of years. i don’t know who exactly had built it, and why it was abandoned. It was once a beautiful, rich place: there were a main house, stables, gardens and cottages for the keeper and his family. Nothing, only the rest of it, remains today, and all past attempts to sell the house, it seems, failed miserably. It seems that, at the beginning of the 1980s, a group of four guys went to the house to kill a time. While scouting around the garden and inside a section of the house they heard children voices coming from the opposite pavillion and ran towards it. There certainly were no children, but they did see a dreadful old woman at a window, screaming in rage, telling them to get lost and never to return. Terrified, the boys left but, while running away from the house and its apparition, they had an accident and three of them died. The forth, afraid and in shock, managed to return home to tell the story. Soon after this episode, people of Cona decided to have all of Villa Magnoni’s doors and windows walled up, to avoid traspassing. A week later, the window where the four guys had seen the old witch was, however, once again unwalled, open and accessible. The voice of a woman whispering threateningly has been often heard by all those courageous enough to go near the house. I visited this house in November 2017 ‘. But I did not see any ghosts. I’m sorry.

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