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Pripyat: schools and kindergartens

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In Pripyat there were 15 primary schools in Pripyat for 5,000 children, plus 5 secondary schools and one professional school. Toys and exercise books still remain everywhere across the floor as a stark memories of children that once here attended. One of the “beautiful” sights of a visit to Pripyat are the schools and kindergartens, with everywhere toys, exercise books, and all the usual things about education facilities. However, it wasn’t the view of the objects, that they are exactly what you’d expect to find, but the frames of thousands of children potentially exposed to deadly radiation before being permanently evacuated by their houses and the detrimental affect on them, physically and psychologically. Visit this schools are one of the highlights of almost people in their visit to the ghost town. Rooms are full of small beds in the nurseries and it’s easy thinking of just how many children there were. In fact Pripyat was a booming city, with a much higher than average birth rate. A tipic image of Pripyat is inside in one of this, a sea of gas masks covers the floor, everyone on child-sized. The disturbing sight is a memory of the Cold War time, when there was a threat of chemical, biological or nuclear attack and in fact the schools kept always the gas masks in case of an attack.

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