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Latarnia Morska Niechorze – Niechorze Lighthouse, Poland

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Height of Lighthouse: 45m
The light ascends to the height of: 62,8 m of the sea level
Light Range: 20 nautical miles (about 37km)

The decision to build a Lighthouse in Niechorze (in polish Latarnia Morska Niechorze) has been taken in 1860, and was commissioned by the German Ministry of Shipping in 1863. The tower of this lighthouse has been built of face-bricks. In the lower part it has a quadrangular shape and in the upper one above the outhouse an octagan form. The corner of that tower have been made in a pilaster-strip form and the vertex in the shape of highly advance cornice with balustrade. On the peak the lighthouse has been arranged and in it the Fresnel apparatus of 1st class as a light source. This equipment consisted of several matches arranged concentrically, that lamp was adapted to born rape oil, the year supply of which amounted to 1943kg. The lighthouse started on 1st december 1866. During the military operations in the year 1945 the lighthouse has been destroyed. It was rebuilt in the year 1948 after the previous designs. But now the electric light source has been applied. The rebuilt lighthouse started on 18st december 1948. In the present time the light source is the lamp with the power of 1000W, which is enhanced by 20 prismal crystals, placed in a rotary four-directions optical apparatus with ring-shaped lens, and the light glare from the lighthouse can be seen 36 km away.

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