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Ex luxury Hotel Villa Castiglioni****, now dormitory for squatters

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Villa Castiglioni is a prestigious residence, built in the early nineteenth century from the Mannati, a noble family from Milan. In 1821 was bought by Ermenegildo Castiglioni, a rich man with liberal ideas. Despite having a beautiful palace in Milan, in the current Corso Venezia, he preferred the this house in Induno Olona, because it was surrounded by green and quiet. To decorate the villa, Ermenegildo Castiglioni called the founder of a cabinetmaker dynasty from Paris, the Ieanselme family, to decore the furnishing of the whole villa. Most of the antique furniture was then sold with an auction in 1981 before the villa became a large hotel. At the Castiglioni family also belongs to Adelaide, daughter of Ermenegildo, who married the legendary pilot Arturo Ferrarin, whose remains, together with those of his wife, rest in the cemetery of Induno. “This is the description of the property offered on the Municipality’s website. Now there is no more nothing of luxurious. The hotel is (very) inhabited by squatters and is completely destroyed.

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