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Lighthouse in Świnoujście, the highest lighthouse of the Baltic Coast.

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lighthouse height: 68 m
light emitted to the height of: 68m over sea level
light is seen at the distance: 25miles/about 46.3km
Geographic position: width 53″55’03″N length: 14″17’10″E

The Swinoujscie’s Lighthouse (Poland) with its 68m is the highest lighthouse of the Baltic Coast and the fifteenth tallest “traditional lighthouse” of the world. The first lighthouse in this place was built in 1828, and the current structure is from 1857. The cross-section of the entire 1857 tower was octagonal. However, in 1902–1903 the tower was restored to repair some brickwork. This converted the shape of the tower to the current round shape. The tower was damaged during the second World War. In 1945, during the retreat of the German troops, an order was given to destroy the lighthouse. However, the German keeper refused the order and the tower survived. The damage was only repaired in 1959. In 1998–2000, for the new Millennium, the lighthouse was restored and It was opened to the public in August 2000, along with a lighthouse museum in the keeper’s house.

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