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Mary’s house, home of ghosts and legends

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There are lot of stories about this house. Some local old people tells that between April and June could materialize the dress of a little girl drowned in the nearby little river, others say that she was walled and in the little girl’s room does not filter the light from the windows. Another story dates back to November 2004. Someone says she saw her in her first communion dress, barefoot, curly and blond hair, and clear eyes, playing with her ball. The same person tells that while he was on the road with his truck in a foggy day, he saw a little girl crossing the road. There are another strange stories, like that the cottage was subjected to several attempts to restructure, all of which were not successful because the scaffolding that the bricklayers left after the work, the next day they were always dismantled and placed near the cottage, and the legend of Mariele, a girl beautiful like a wood nymph.
From her mother, she learned to recognize the herbs and propitiate the rites in honor of the universe, until the rumor circulated that Mariele’s mother was a witch. For this reason Mariele’s parents were killed by the inhabitants of the village and little Mariele escaped from that horror only because she managed to hide herself. Despite her tender age, little Mariele, with only ten years old, managed to give her parents a proper burial, reserving them a shady spot at the foot of the trees they had so loved. This girl loved nature and celebrated her rites in honor of Mother Earth, offering what the place had most dear: water. He lived alone in this house until, as in the most beautiful fairy tales, he saw a young man arrive on an horse. His name was Matteo, and he was an artist looking for a place to paint. He found it there, in the solitary house immersed in the woods. So great was the curiosity of Mariele for the painter, and of course, they fell in love. Unfortunately, Matteo was called for the war in Crimea, where he was killed. Meanwhile, Mariele, that didn’t know anything, awaited the return of her beloved, even though she felt in his heart that she would never see him again. It was only thanks to a messenger who learned what his soul had told her for some time: Matteo had been wrapped in other arms, the cold arms of the death. On a stormy day Mariele did one last rite. Sitting on the edge of the waterway, he asked a last favor to Mother Nature. A thunderbolt was moved with so much pain and stroked the sweet Mariele, making her disappear in the water that she had loved so much. Since then, in the month of May, every year, Mariele and Matteo meet again in the house, and it seems that if you approach on tiptoe, you can see these guys relive a sweet dream that not even death he could interrupt.
Very little are the historic information. This Villa was built in the nineteenth century, and following several changes of ownership, was bought by the couple Monesi, probably still alive, which in 1959 restored it keeping alive the legend.

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