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The terrifying Owlman who terrorizes the poor english urban explorers.

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Urban exploration is an hobby, a passion, and for some people, young and not, also an obsession that is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the lot of photographs and videos shared on web and the power of social newrworks. Abandoned hospitals, schools, factories, houses, churches and theaters are the favorite sites of these adventurers, who make of the secret of discovery and mystery the way with which to became popular between the images of their explorations. Every good urban explorer knows that is possible visit places where they are tramps or homeless, and some people even afraid of ghosts or monsters that living in these structures once teeming with life. But what happens, If you take an urban exploration in England, and you might even run into another type of demon? The Owlman is a brilliant invention by the Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster, who positions some hidden cameras inside and outside of the most popular abandoned places, and then to turn into his terrifying Owl variant, awaiting the unfortunate urban explorers, and, of course, recording their reactions when they are overwhelmed by the fear of horror vision. Brewster and his team took care of every detail in the creation of the character, and they also observed the behaviors of the urban explorers who habitually go inside these buildings. It seems that the idea to create the Owlman was inspired by a terrifying god in the archives of ancient religion, related to the god Moloch. The horrifying Owlman’s head is made of a mixture of papier-mache, wire, and plenty of feathers. After the production of the first video, Brewster and his team literally stormed many of England’s abandoned places, terrorizing lot of urban explorers. Their invention is really disturbing, but the people who visit habitually to these places, know that they could find some guest…unexpected! 😛

Source: dailymail, metro.co.uk
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