“Villa del tempo”: the abandoned house where time has stopped.

This nice house is located in a very little town, between the italian provinces of Padova and Rovigo and, although a part has completely collapsed, it has remained almost completely intact.
Inside a lot of disorder, as if someone was looking for something in particular, and many, many old photographs of the old owners and their life.
Unfortunately, I do not know anything else. Surely an elderly couple lived here and the clothes, the kitchen, the beds and the wardrobes all remained in place. Here I found some documents dated back 1980. The landlady certainly loved to sew.
I tried also to find some information about the people to whom the documents belonged, but I did not find anything, only that the landlord was probably a doctor.
This House is known as “ Villa del Tempo”, for italian “urbexers”, and popular between people who love visit abandoned places.

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