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The ruin of Hrad Zlenice

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Hrad Zlenice ©️Pavel www.random-times.com

Zlenice castle was built after 1300 on a rock promontory above the confluence of the Mnichovický creek and the Sázava river.
The name of this castle was mentioned first time in 1318, was named after the deserted settlement of Zlenice on the opposite bank of the Sázava river.
There were ramparts, a lower castle, stables, and granaries, and the Mnichovsky creek flew around the castle making it thus accessible from two sides only with a draw bridge. At the beginning of the second half of the 14th century this area belonged to the noblemen of Dubá, Ondřej IV of Dubá and Zlenice, who was the owner of the Zlenice Estate between 1361 and 1412, and is still today considered one of the most significant members of Czech aristocracy during the reign of King Karel IV.  Instead, Ondřej IV was an author of the book “Výklad na právo zemské české”, the Legal Code for the Czech Lands. In 1377 Zlenice became a feudal property, and when Ondřej IV of Dubá and Zlenice died, in 1412, the castle was passed as a feudal tenure to the King and subsequently had different owners. The remains of the tower have been preserved until today.

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