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Waldviertel Pyramid, an austrian pyramid of unknown origin.

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Lost in the forest between Zwettl and Gross-Gerungs, there is a pyramid high approximately 7 meter. The pyramid is made of loosely stacked natural stones, in a circular layer style with 14 meters of diameter, like a wedding cake overly big. It is the only known structure like this found in Europe. This pyramid is all a mistery…because its origin and its age are totally unknown.

Some people believe it to be a ancient Germanic monument, but this is very unlikely because there aren’t archeological evidence of a known prehistoric settlement in this area. Another explanation is that the pyramid could be more modern, in fact, in 1747, Leopold Christoph founded the masonic lodge in the area at Rosenau Castle, and this pyramid may have served as a signaling station for the secret organization.

Ruins of walls have been found near the pyramid and it is possible that it was part of a much larger complex, medieval or more recent, and could have been also part of a baroque garden or park. This unique pyramid is covered by ivy, and has been an official monument since 2001.

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