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The incredible surrealist optical illusion of a Manchester’s floor

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At first glance it may seem that the floor of this corridor came from an illustration of Alice in Wonderland or from a painting by some illusionist artist, but it is only an optical illusion. The floor is actually perfectly level, composed so as to create the illusion that one risks falling from on the one hand. The corridor, made up of 400 porcelain tiles, is located in the showroom of a company called “Casa Ceramica” in Manchester, England.

Built at the entrance of the company hall, the floor illudes the visitor to be in danger of falling, forcing him, psychologically, to stop. Only once the floor has been observed well does one realize the illusion and move the first uncertain steps in the corridor.

The floor has the dual function of preventing visitors from walking too fast or running and slipping, but also aiming to impress them, as they are all potential customers of a company specialized in high-quality italian ceramics. On the sides of the walls are quotations from Rohal Dahl’s book “The Chocolate Factory” and from the poem “This is the Place” by Tony Walsh (to commemorate the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack in 2017), realized on ceramic from Manchester artist Myro Doodles.
Below, the video with the tiler laying the floor and the audacious proof of one of the company’s employees:

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