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MV Glenachulish: the last manually operated turntable ferry in the world.

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Most people decide going the Isle of Skye from mainland Scotland drive over the Skye Bridge. But those who decide to reach the Isle of Skye by crossing the Kyle Rhea strait, will an extra special experience: a ride on the world’s last manually operated turntable ferry!

The Ferry in 1975 – Gilbert Meikle via Facebook

The MV Glenachulish is a small but charming vessel: The nearly 50-year-old ferry in the past had made other crossings, but since 1982 has been making the winding route between Glenelg and Kylerhea. About six cars can board onto the ferry, and once the cars and their passengers are loaded, dock workers manually pull and push the top part of the Glenachulish, that was built atop a giant turntable, to spin it around. Once everything’s facing the correct direction, the ferry start its journey across the strong currents of the strait.

Via Facebook: The original Glenelg-Skye Ferry

The local community bought the unique vessel in 2007, when its previous owner retired. Still today, more than a decade later, the boat is still sailing and travelers can look forward to many more future journey on this rare ferry, restored last year, in 2017. It’s important to know that the ferry operates seasonally, from April to October, and a car with max four passengers is £15.00 one way.
This is its Website ! 😉

Via Facebook: The Original Glenelg-Skye Ferry
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