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Gueugnon, France: legend of the Ferryman

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Before this bridge was built, people had to wait for the ferryman that, according to the story, gave the town its name.
The Pont Gauthey, a bridge in Guegnon, France, is the perfect place to tell “La légende du passeur”, the legend of the ferryman.

Pont de Gueugnon, via proXiti

The bridge in Gueugnon is an arched bridge of 60.87 meters length. Completed in 1787, it was one of the first buildings of Émiland Gauthey.
In the Charolais dialect, the word “gueugner” means “whining” or “moaning”. In this place, in the old times there was no bridge over the Arroux. People had to wait for the ferryman and his boat, and the ferryman was often not on time. Because of that, the people groaned and moaned: hence the origin of the town name, Gueugnon!

Gueugnon, old photo, via Geneanet.
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