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L’Aquila: the images 9 years after 2009 earthquake.

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L’Aquila, ©️AnyaPhotos.de

On April 6, 2009 a severe earthquake that occurred near the city of L’Aquila in the Abruzzi region of central Italy. The magnitude-6.3 tremor struck at 3:32 AM local time, extensively damaging the of L’Aquila. The earthquake resulted from “normal” faulting on the northwest-southeast-trending Paganica Fault. For more than three months after the main earthquake, there were thousands of aftershocks. In all, more than 300 people died, and an estimated 60,000 were left homeless. In this exclusive photogallery, photographs taken in the capital city of Abruzzo in July this year, 2018, exactly 9 years after the terrible earthquake. Below, “La Fontana Luminosa”, the Luminous Fountain, one of the symbols of this wounded city, together with the fountain of 99 Spouts (la fontana delle 99 cannelle) and spanish fortress.

The city, 9 years after the 2009 earthquake (all photos are mine, remove the credits or modified without my authorization is illegal):

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