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27 Photos of Anne Geddes’ babies all grown up!

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Anne Geddes became famous for photographing baby pictures in the 1990s and early 2000s. The photographer is probably the most famous author for her sweet portraits of children. The images of newborns dressed as a bee, butterfly or simply kept in their parents’ arms are around the world, becoming a real “Geddes” style. The artist is Australian but lives and works in New Zealand, where she made most of her images.
The celebrity arrived in the early 90s thanks to calendars, greeting cards, advertising images and much more, all of them with a childhood theme. The children of that age have now grown up and, at these time small babies, they have become adult men and women. After more than two decades, Anne Geddes has met some of her models, immortalizing them in new author’s shots.
For example, in 1994 she took a picture of three little girls, Alesa, Chantelle and Kylie. Many people thought that she had photographed the same child three times, because they were absolutely similar. Today it would be difficult to put them in those little vases because, all three, they are now 24 years old!
Anne Geddes maniacally takes care of the shooting set, even taking weeks to be able to find the right mix of lights, colors and objects that make photography an artistic composition of the highest quality. She always put a special and unique touch on every single baby photo she took and her work has been published in 83 countries and her books have sold more than 18 million copies worldwide.

Today, her work is far from done. Not only is she still snapping beautiful shots of adorable babies, she’s also putting a special spin on the social media trend of “throwback” photos from way back when. On Anne Geddes’ verified Facebook page, she’s shared some of the most memorable baby pictures from her career, alongside snapshots of what her then-tiny subjects look like now “all grown up.”

Photos from Facebook and Instagram.
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