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Myanmar: a Ghost ship with no one on board runs aground on coast.

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People, including authorities, are confused by this mysterious vessel but navy investigation suggests it was en route to Bangladesh to be scrapped.
This is the mystery of a ghost ship, found drifting near Myanmar. The vessel, named “Sam Ratulangi PB 1600”, ran aground on Thursday (August, 30 2018) near Thongwa township in the country’s Yangon region.
Coastguard, navy and police teams have been monitoring the ship since local people first spotted it earlier in the week. When the ship finally came to a standstill after hitting a sandbar, a team entered inside and confirmed there was no one on board, no crew or cargo.
Yangon police confirmed the container ship was carrying an Indonesian flag, and the Myanmar navy said the empty cargo ship was being tugged to a ship-breaking plant in Bangladesh, but bad weather caused it to become detached. The Myanmar Navy said on Saturday that they suspected the ship had been towed by another because “two cables … were found at the front”. Later he found a tug called Independencia about 80 kilometers off the coast of Myanmar. Surveys of the 13 Indonesian crew members revealed that the tug had towed the freighter since August 13 and wanted to take him to a factory in Bangladesh. However, some of the cables the ship was lost with broke due to bad weather, so they decided to abandoned the ship.

It seems that the ship was originally destined for a ship-breaking factory in Bangladesh, and in fact, the unseaworthy vessels are often taken to the port of Chittagong once they have come to the end of their working lives. The site which logs the movements of global shipping, records that the ship is 177m long and was built in 2001. The ship’s location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009.
This is not the first ghost ship to be found in Asian waters. In recent years have been foud lot of boats drifting off the shores of Japan, many of these empty or with only corpses on board. However, these ships were mainly small vessels or only fishing boats, unlike the massive vessel in Myanmar.

Photos from web. Public Demain. Source: The Myanmar Times.

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