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Stańczyki Viaducts: this two abandoned overpasses are among the largest bridges in Poland!

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This two big Roman viaducts are located near a small Polish village. These abandoned railroad bridges tower over the little village and its surrounding woods.
The Stańczyki Viaducts are among the largest bridges in Poland, stretch nearly 182 meters long, stand 36 meters tall, and boast arches that clock in at just under 15 meters long.

The two bridges were built in the 20th century. the northern one approximately in 1914 and its southern counterpart between 1923 and 1926. They served as railway overpasses that connected the towns of Gołdap and Żytkiejmy. During World War II, trains carted both military and building supplies and passengers too across the viaducts, which stood in an area that was then part of Germany. But after the war ended, the Soviet Army dismantled the railway tracks, rendering the bridges useless.

Until 2001, the abandoned viaducts were used by bungee jumpers but in 2003, the structures were sold to a private entrepreneur. Now it’s possible visit the bridges with a small fee.

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