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The best Japanese craftsmen make a series of Furniture for Cats.

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The tendency to create specific objects for pets is constantly increasing, thanks also to the media success that our small friends receive on social networks and on the web. The latest news comes from Japan, where, as we already know, cats are really loved. Just think of the famous chain of Cat Cafè Mocha, or Tashirojima, which is only one of the cats’ islands in Japan.
Here, the Okawa furniture line was created, specially designed for cats. The campaign is titled “Craftsman MADE Okawa”, and aims to give a new impetus to the once flourishing furniture industry of Fukuoka prefecture.

In the area, know in English as “Okawa City”, there are about 150 workshops and factories for furniture production, a tradition started 470 years ago, and the Okawa furniture series wants to publicize Japanese excellence even outside the borders national. The production involves furniture already designed for humans, which are reduced to the size of the cats leaving intact the construction quality and original materials of the product.

The collection for cats includes a sofa made of pine wood, designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a dark wooden bed designed and produced by Tateno Mokuzai. In addition to the two most famous products over time, 5 more products have been added, and all the production details of each single piece can be found on the project website.
The idea has become increasingly successful, and cat furniture is contributing to the promotion of the area in the world. To find out more about the collection simply visit the site “Okawa Kagu“, where you can see the furniture in all their details, including all the craftsmen who make them! 🐱

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