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Tenerife: the abandoned Añaza hotel

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This hotel in Tenerife is in complete abandonment and it is perfect for a disquieting holiday in a deserted and lunar-like landscape!
This is the Añaza hotel of which little or nothing is known. At the entrance, the courtyard is covered with vegetation, and there are lot of graffiti on the walls. Inside there are yellowed mattresses, broken glass bottles and also ashes of a barbecue.
I have not found lot of information, probably is the hotel abandoned since the Fifties in the village of sailors of Los Pocitos, on the coast of Tenerife.

The history of this building dates back to 1973, when a German company bought the plot, and without having the license, it raised in a record time 21 floors in height destined to what would now be a residence.
As quickly as it appeared and built, barely a year later, it disappeared: the problem that arose this building, was the localisation of the owners, and the City Council could not agree who was responsible for its demolition. Once it was clear that it was municipal competence, however they has not wanted to risk tearing down the building, because they had not managed to find its owners and because they had not wanted to spend money for this.
So no one is responsible, and now it is only a ghost hotel, or perhaps a cursed hotel.
A young man died when he was capturing pigeons inside. This is the only case that is recognized officially, but locals speak of more deaths, at least four, which remain silent.

Inside there are emergency exits without railings and the floors are practically rubble and they make a strange contrast with the salmon-pink walls of the corridors.
Now the doors are dusty, in those which were to be the bedrooms, unfortunately, there is nothing left of the personal effects of those who had occupied them, and outside there is an empty pool with a dusty bottom.
The building was abandoned for unknown reasons, and its construction does not seem completely finish. All around the landscape is dry and desolate, desert as certain landscapes can be in the sunny Canary Islands, and this hotel is an extremely suggestive place.

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