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Amusement Park Padova: present and past.

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Until the cursed day (July 6, 2008) in which a whirlwind triggered throughout the South area of Padua, the Amusement Park (opened in 1991 by the entrepreneur Stefano Viviani) was the most popular playground in the city. 25,000 square meters of paradise surrounded by a green area, that included a mega-gym, a swimming pool, bowling, a children’s area, a small square for music and ballroom dancing, a large billiard room, a minigolf and a well-equipped space for bars and restaurants.

Now all this is still there, but the structure is completely abandoned.
The history of the Amusement Park ended around 2012 with a bankruptcy, basically because the Region did not compensate Mr. Viviani, not even one cent of the 600,000 euros of damages suffered, and at the time 3 years had passed from the whirlwind. With the illusion that the compensation money would arrive, the former owner had begun to rebuild and restructure all the sectors of the park destroyed by the whirlwind (in the gallery below the damage of the park, immortalized by our collaborator Danijel in his visit to the abandoned park).
Obviously the entrepreneur indebted himself to restructure, in a short time, the whole area of the park, however his efforts were of course useless.

Apparently the family that built it now went to Morocco, where, according to a local newspaper, they opened another water park in Agadir, and this complex is in the hands of the banks, whose auctions have been insolvency. And it’s a real shame, because for about 20 years the park has been a meeting place for many people, despite often discordant reviews, but not only in summer, like other italian waterparks like “joe lido”, or aquaria waterpark, both abandoned: here c ‘they were in fact swimming lessons and gym all year, Christmas events, carnival parties and country evenings. However, the slow and inexorable decline began around 2006/2007 and the coup de grace arrived with the whirlwind that destroyed everything. Despite the efforts, nothing was the same.

Text in Collaborations: Anya and Danijel.
Source three images on the left of collages: Google (all by Paolo Bazzato)
Other photos are all by two authors.
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