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Casa do Penedo: A small Portuguese cottage formed between boulders in the countryside.

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Fafe, Portugal

There has been controversy since the first photos of the “Casa do Penedo”, emerged on the internet. The Portuguese cottage seemed too unlikely to be real and doubters immediately thought that the home as a photoshop hoax.
Sandwiched improbably between two boulders in the midst of majestic Portuguese countryside, the Stone House is a wonder. According to Daily Mail, the construction was inspired by the Flintstones.

The “Casa do Penedo”, also known as “Stone Castle”, is an architectural monument located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, in the north of Portugal. The meaning of the name is precisely “house of the rock”, and owes its name to the four large boulders that serve as foundation, walls and ceiling of the dwelling. Its construction began in 1972 and lasted two years, until 1974. The engineer who designed the Casa do Penedo is originally from Guimarães, and the residence was initially used by the owners as a holiday home.
Today the Casa do Penedo is a little museum, with relics and photographs of the building and the neighboring village. Despite rising near huge wind turbines, the house is completely devoid of electricity, a place out of time unique in the world.
The house is almost entirely in stone, excluding the door, the windows and the roof. The interior is decorated in a rustic style. Inside, the furnishings and the staircase leading to the second floor are made of wood. Each of the rooms has a different shape, due to the particular geometry of the rocks. The sofa is made of eucalyptus and cement, and weighs something like 350 kilograms. Inside the main room there is a stone fireplace, while outside there is a swimming pool made of natural stone.

During the last few years the stone house has attracted the attention of many passionate landscapers all over the world, following a service of Portuguese television and a series of photographs published on the internet.
This is really a masterpiece of organic architecture.

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