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Amber Beacon Tower in Singapore: an unsolved murder and a restless ghost

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We are in Singapore. It is May 15, 1990. A young couple venture to the Singapore shoreline. James Soh, 22, and Kelly Tan Ah Hong, 21, had just started dating two days before, after years of friendship as classmates in secondary school, where they were both prefects. He was studying in a polytechnic when he finally asked her out almost a decade after they first met.
On that night, the couple were sitting on the spiral staircase going up to the second floor of the park’s popular Amber Beacon tower and chatting. This brightly colored beacon exhumes a radiant light and makes for a convenient resting place, positioned right on the beachfront.
However, their romantic night out in East Coast Park ended in a nightmare when they were stabbed by two assailants who were never been arrested.


They were approached from behind by two men who were wearing masks to conceal their identities. James Soh recalled seeing two men going upstairs, and suddenly they were attacked from behind.
He defended himself instinctively, stooding up when he was stabbed, and grabbed the guy. He only knew they were attacked, not that he had been stabbed. He got him over the rail and clinging on to the bar, but then the assailant jumped down, and managed to run away.
His girlfriend, meanwhile, had run to the ground floor of the tower in an attempt to escape from the second attacker. By the time James Soh got to her, she was lying on the ground, in pain and with a wound to the back of her neck, but still trying to move. Their attackers had disappeared. Weak from the injury and the struggle, he could not pick Tan Ah Hong up. Frantic, he spotted the only sign of life in the park’s deserted corner, a restaurant called Singa Inn, and ran in that direction through the bushes to call for help. Bursting through the front door, Mr Soh, who was covered in blood, managed to explain that his girlfriend needed help, before collapsing face down over a table.
He was taken to Singapore General Hospital, and he found out Miss Tan had died only two days later.
No weapon was recovered at the scene, and James Soh never saw the attackers’ faces or heard their voices as the men had been careful not to speak.
No one was ever arrested and to this day, the heinous crime remains unsolved.


The Amber Beacon Tower is commonly cited as being one of the most haunted places in Singapore. Being the scene of a vicious, still unsolved murder seems to have provided the background information for another, maybe a little bit obvious, ghost story.
However, If you ask anyone on the streets about this lone structure shrouded in mystery for decades, most would tell you the same story: they will claimed to have heard screams of help when they passes there in the middle of the night. Some even swear that they had saw an apparition floating on the upper deck of the tower, and believe that could be the spirit of the young girl. They say, her soul remains unrest as the culprits who was responsible, was never found till today.


Actually, the Amber Bacon Tower is a characteristic public structure located in Singapore’s East Coast Park. Also known as the Yellow Tower, due to its colour, It acts like a lighthouse, which sends out light signals to ships, to warn them that they are close to the shores. The structure and its stairs are open and can be explored by visitors. They provide a pleasant view of the beach from the top. Eateries and bars are located along the beach and the area is popular with the locals to picnic and bring their families.



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