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The wonder of change of the seasons on the island of Kotisaari in Lapland

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Lapland, especially the territory that belongs to the extreme north of Finland, evokes typically winter images: expanses of snow and reindeer herds, Santa Claus and his village, and then the magical Northern Lights and the long and icy arctic night.
Jani Ylinampa is a nature photographer based in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. He‘s a real master of capturing the dancing Northern Lights, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful forests, lakes and other wonders of nature, and he‘s been doing it for almost 15 years.
The splendid nature of the country is an inexhaustible source of subjects for him.
However, he wanted to testify, with his images, as the succession of the seasons is significant, and magnificent, even up there.
The island of Kotisaari, only six kilometers from the Arctic circle, is little more than a rock, reachable only by boat, not far from the capital of the region, Rovaniemi.
Floating in the scenic Kemi river, the island was, until a few decades ago, an important stopping point for lumberjacks, who used the stream to transport the timber downstream, before the waterways were replaced by trucks.
 Today, the island still preserves the few buildings used by lumberjacks for tourism, so much so that the old dock was turned into a tavern.
With the intention of proving that Lapland is an extraordinary place to visit throughout the year, and not only in winter, the photographer used a drone to testify, with images, how much nature changes over the course of the year on the island of Kotisaari, taken as a symbol of the entire region.





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