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Bottle with a person’s ashes and some money appears on a beach in the United States

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Few days ago, a bottle containing a person’s ashes, letters from loved ones and money appeared on a beach in Florida, USA, more than a month after being thrown into the ocean.
The glass bottle was found on a beach in Walton County and handed over to the local police on September 5th. Inside was a bag containing the ashes, a few dollar bills and two letters dated 1 August, according to the publication made by the Walton County sheriff’s office on his Facebook account.

This bottle contains the ashes of my son Brian, who died suddenly and unexpectedly on March 9, 2019,” read one of the letters. “More than anything else, he ardently wished to be free, so I cast him towards his last adventure,” it continues. The bottle was thrown into the ocean from the shores of Destin, Florida, and the remains were of a Texas man who died of a heart attack a few days after he turned 39.
Brian’s relatives had attached their e-mail addresses and phone number, with the intent of knowing where their relative had arrived.

He loved being free” and “he wanted to travel the world” and this is “exactly what we did,” said Peyton Mullins, Brian’s daughter, in a statement to the local press.

Source: Il mattino.

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