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Suicides at Bloomfield Hills – Michigan

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Bloomfield Hills is a quiet city located in Metro Detroit’s northern suburbs in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan, about 32.5 km northwest of downtown Detroit. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 3,869. Nothing strange, that’s true? However, it seems that Bloomfield Hills has an odd tale to tell.

Trowbridge Road is less than a mile long. It goes through a very well-to-do neighborhood, but empties out at one quite eerie place: the Trowbridge Bridge, built in 1930 during the beginning of The Great Depression. The Bridge is located along Trowbridge Court between Woodward Avenue and Kensington Road, over the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.
As story goes, some of the kids in the area would jump from the bridge, about 30 meters to their deaths on the railroad tracks below. Rich kids as well as the lesser fortunate ones are said to have committed suicide here, due to depression.
One popular and gory legend says that on one particular Sunday night from 8pm ‘til Midnight, there would be a suicide at this bridge every half hour, until the train came through and ran over the bodies.
Spray-painted names in the area are said to be the names of those who jumped, as a macabre way to be remembered. It seems that, since then, many strange things have happened to those who felt like walking the bridge. Unseen hands that seem to be pushing you toward the edge, voices that come from nowhere, and an occasional human shadow at the side of the bridge itself.
It seems to be haunted by the spirits of numerous men and women who committed suicide by jumping onto the railroad tracks below, and paranormal enthusiasts who visit the bridge at night often report witnessing the shadowy apparitions of men and women, many of whom were hit by trains after jumping to their death and have taken on a disfigured, mutilated appearance.
Historically no one knows exactly whether or not these stories have a foundation or something true, but it seems that, long ago, local some teens conducted some kind of satanic ritual there. There was some type of incident that happened in the ’40s or ’50s that involved the death of some young of high schooler or middle schooler, and it is suspected some kind of witchcraft or satantic ritual led to a mass suicide kind of thing, but the story changed every time.

Some of the odd messages and names that were spray-painted on the bridge have since been removed, and a large fence has been erected so no one else can jump off.
Some years ago, police were fining trespassers $250 for being on federal property. The bridge has been known to be closed from time to time, so adhere to any “no trespassing” signs and protect yourself from a fine. The bridge was closed in 2017, and It is slated for demolition this year (2019), according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

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