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Berlin: The Return of the Cows

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Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Strasse is a quiet street in Berlin, which lies on the lively edge of gentrified Prenzlauerberg’s encroachment into Friedrichshain. If you are in the splendid German capital, apparently there aren’t many reasons to visit an otherwise ordinary street. However, Sergej Dott’s whimsical public art installation, “Die Rückkehr der Kühe” (literally “The Return of the Cows”) just might make it worth the trip.
Halfway down the block, if you peer into the empty lot (currently a building site) and look up, you’ll see a green field full of larger-than-life cows that “graze” on the side of a pre-war Berlin apartment house.
Artist Sergej Dott specializes in public installations, including the cow installations he calls “Kuhunst”, a pun based on the German for art (Kunst) and the word for cow (Kuh).

“The Return of the Cows” is located at Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße 23. 

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