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Bord för en: probably the only restaurant in the world that’s safe from Coronavirus!

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While most regular restaurants and cafes around the world remain closed until further notice because of the Covid-19 pandemic, one Swedish restaurant claims to offer one of the safest dining experiences by only serving one person at a time, in the middle of an empty field.
Saying to operate one of the world’s safest restaurants during a pandemic might seem a ridicoulous statement to make, but the creators of Bord för en (literally “Table for one”) can surely back it up.
This eccentric restaurant consist of a simple wooden table and a single chair located in the middle of a barren field, near the Swedish rural town of Ransäter, with a population of 114, and it also has a series of guidelines to minimize the risk of infection with the virus.

One table. One chair. Right in the middle of a Swedish summer field. Bord för en is a solo dining experience, and as such one of the only true Covid-19 safe restaurants in the world,” reads a short description on the restaurant’s website.
Let’s face it, a table for one might be our only option for a while. So why not choose a table with style?


Bord för en is the brainchild of Linda Karlsson and Rasmus Persson, a couple from the tiny town of Ransäter. The two firmly believe that solo-dining is the ideal concept for eating, as it offers no distractions from enjoying the taste the food in front of you.
In addiction, is perfect with the current social distancing measures, thanks their concept of a single-table restaurant and their series of safety measures for diners.
First of all, Bord för en has no waiting staff: diners asked to serve themselves the food and drinks from a picnic basket sent down to the table via rope, from a nearby kitchen window.
Those lucky enough to book a reservation once the restaurant opens on May 10 will receive clear instructions on how to move from the Ransäter bus stop as to avoid social interaction.
The table and chair will be disinfected six hours before the arrival of the guest, and the dishes will all be washed twice.


The wondrous restaurant offers just one three-course vegetarian menu created by Rasmus Persson himself, a trained chef, and consists of Råraka (a Swedish-style hashbrown), Black & Yellow (a main dish of sweet corn croquettes and serpent root ash), and a dessert called “Last Days of Summer” made with blueberries, iced buttermilk and viola sugar made from the couple’s homegrown beets.
The menu will be changed “as soon as the chef has grown tired of it—or when we have picked all the blueberries in Värmland county“, according to Linda Karlsson.
Of course, making a profit from a single-table restaurant is extremely difficult, but Karlsson and Persson won’t even attempt it, opting instead for a “pay what you can” model.
They plan to keep their creation open through August, and it seems they are already working on more original solo dining experiences…

Website 👉🏼 https://www.bordforen.com/


– All photos from Bord för En on Facebook –

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