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#TodayInHistory – May 21

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May 21 – Some important events on this day

1792 👉🏼 Mount Unzen on Japan’s Shimabara Peninsula, erupts creating a tsunami, killing about 15,000. It was Japan’s deadliest volcanic eruption 🌋
1819 👉🏼 1st bicycles (swift walkers) in US introduced in NYC 🚲
1832 👉🏼 1st Democratic National Convention (Baltimore)
1846 👉🏼 1st steamship arrives in Hawaii 🌺
1871 👉🏼 French regular troops start to attack Commune of Paris. 17,000 die

1881 👉🏼 In Washington, D.C., humanitarians Clara Barton and Adolphus Solomons found the American National Red Cross, an organization established to provide humanitarian aid to victims of wars and natural disasters in congruence with the International Red Cross.

1894 👉🏼 22-year-old French Anarchist Émile Henry is executed by guillotine. His last words were reputed to be “Courage, camarades! Vive l’anarchie!”
1908 👉🏼 1st horror movie (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde) premieres in Chicago 🎥
1927 👉🏼 Aviator Charles Lindbergh, in the Spirit of St Louis, lands in Paris after the first solo air crossing of Atlantic

1932 👉🏼 After flying for 17 hours from Newfoundland, Amelia Earhart lands near Londonderry, Northern Ireland, becoming the 1st transatlantic solo flight by a woman.

1981 👉🏼 Reggae musician Bob Marley receives a Jamaican state funeral
1999 👉🏼 All My Children star Susan Lucci finally wins a Daytime Emmy after being nominated 19 times, the longest period of unsuccessful nominations in television history.
2003 👉🏼 An earthquake hits northern Algeria killing more than 2,000 people.
2004 👉🏼 Stanislav Petrov awarded World Citizen Award for averting a potential nuclear war in 1983 after correctly guessing Russian early warning system at fault
2006 👉🏼 The Republic of Montenegro holds a referendum proposing independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The Montenegrin people choose independence with a majority of 55%. 🇲🇪

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