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#TodayInHistory – June 4

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June 4 – Some important events on this day.

781 BC 👉🏼 Oldest Chinese recording of a solar eclipse
1070 👉🏼 Roquefort cheese created in a cave near Roquefort, France 🧀
1760 👉🏼 Great Upheaval: New England planters arrive to claim land in Nova Scotia, Canada taken from the Acadians
1876 👉🏼 An express train called the Transcontinental Express arrives in San Francisco, California, via the First Transcontinental Railroad only 83 hours and 39 minutes after having left New York City. 🚂

1940 👉🏼 British complete the “Miracle of Dunkirk” by evacuating 338,226 allied troops from France via a flotilla of over 800 vessels including Royal Navy destroyers, merchant marine boats, fishing boats, pleasure craft and even lifeboats.

1941 👉🏼 Nazis forbid Jews access to beaches & swimming pools
1945 👉🏼 US, Soviet Union, Britain and France agree to divide up occupied Germany
1969 👉🏼 22-year-old man sneaks into wheel pod of a jet parked in Havana and survives 9-hr flight to Spain despite thin oxygen levels at 29,000 ft (8839.2 m)
1973 👉🏼 A patent for the ATM is granted to Don Wetzel, Tom Barnes and George Chastain
1984 👉🏼 “Born in the USA” 7th studio album by Bruce Springsteen is released 🎶
1989 👉🏼 Eastern Europe’s 1st partial free elections in 40 years held in Poland, Solidarity Party comes to power

1989 👉🏼 Tiananmen Square Massacre: Chinese troops clear the square of student protesters, unofficial figures place death toll near 1,000
In May 1989, nearly a million Chinese, mostly young students, crowded into central Beijing to protest for greater democracy and call for the resignations of Chinese Communist Party leaders deemed too repressive. For nearly three weeks, the protesters kept up daily vigils, and marched and chanted. Western reporters captured much of the drama for television and newspaper audiences in the United States and Europe. On this day, however, Chinese troops and security police stormed through Tiananmen Square, firing indiscriminately into the crowds of protesters. Turmoil ensued, as tens of thousands of the young students tried to escape the rampaging Chinese forces. Other protesters fought back, stoning the attacking troops and overturning and setting fire to military vehicles. Reporters and Western diplomats on the scene estimated that at least 300, and perhaps thousands, of the protesters had been killed and as many as 10,000 were arrested.

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