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#TodayInHistory – June 12

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June 12 – Some important events on this day.

1381 👉🏼 Peasants’ Revolt: in England, rebels arrive at Blackheath
1830 👉🏼 Beginning of the French colonization of Algeria: 34,000 French soldiers land 27 kilometers west of Algiers, at Sidi Ferruch
1840 👉🏼 Meteorite hits Uden, Netherlands 🇳🇱
1849 👉🏼 Gas mask patented by Lewis Haslett (Louisville, Kentucky)
1864 👉🏼 The Battle of Trevilian Station, the bloodiest and largest all-cavalry battle of the American Civil War in Louisa County ends with Confederate tactical victory and Union successful retreat
1885 👉🏼 Roof collapse kills 30 at murder trial in France 🇫🇷
1898 👉🏼 Philippine independence declared 🇵🇭
1931 👉🏼 Al Capone is indicted on 5,000 counts of prohibition and perjury
1942 👉🏼 Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present in Amsterdam 📔
1964 👉🏼 Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa

1987 👉🏼 Central African Republic ex-emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa sentenced to death.
For ten years he had reigned with an iron fist in the Central African Republic, having ousted his distant cousin from office when he was the head of the armed forces.
Attempting to emulate his idol, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bokassa had himself declared the Emperor of the Central African Republic. His coronation was unbelievably decadent: he spent some $20 million US dollars – more than a third of the country’s national income – on the occasion. No foreign leaders attended, and he was considered a laughing stock by much of the world.
The Central African Empire lasted only three years before Bokassa was himself overthrown in an operation by the French military. He was exiled to France and tried in absentia, though later returned and was tried again. He served six years of a life sentence before being released in 1993, dying three years later.

1997 👉🏼 Shakespeare’s Globe theatre opens in London, England, replica of original Globe theatre (1599-1642) with performance of Henry V, after campaign by Sam Wanamaker.
The Globe theater burnt down in 1613 during a production of William Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. The fire was apparently started by a misdirected canon shot that set its thatched roof ablaze.
The successful theater was originally built in 1599 by a company of actors called the Lord Chamberlain’s Men that included Shakespeare himself and was sited south of the river Thames in the London suburb of Southwark.
The rediscovery of the theater’s remains in 1989 confirmed much of its form. It’s roughly circular shape had 20 sides and was three stories height with an open air pit in the center for the cheapest tickets. The theater was rebuilt after the fire and pulled down in 1644, two years after the Puritans banned all theaters.
Today the Globe theater has risen once more, largely due to the efforts of American Sam Wanamaker, who started a campaign to rebuild the theater so modern audiences could one again experience the original setting for such plays as “Hamlet”, “Twelfth Night”, “Othello”, “King Lear” and “Macbeth”.

2010 👉🏼 “Toy Story 3”, directed by Lee Unkrich, starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, premieres at the Taormina Film Fest in Italy – 1st animated film to earn 1 billion
2015 👉🏼 Zimbabwe discards its own currency, offering an exchange of $1 for 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars
2018 👉🏼 Singapore Summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump
2019 👉🏼 Same-sex marriage approved by Ecuador’s Constitutional Court in landmark ruling 👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻

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