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Ravi Hongal, the Indian photograher that has built his house in the shape of a camera

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Can a passion become almost an obsession?
Yes, apparently it is possible, and this Indian man confirms it: he is so fond of photography that he named his three sons after iconic camera brands, Canon, Nikon and Epson, and, if this wasn’t enough, he live on a three-story villa shaped like a giant camera!

Probably you hear the phrase “passionate about photography” a lot among photography enthusiasts and among all those who consider themselves (unjustly) photographers only because they hold a camera in their hand, but Ravi Hongal, a 49-year-old professional photographer from Belgaum, India, actually came up with some truly unique ways of showing off his passion for this popular form of art.
After naming his three sons after the most iconic camera brands in the history of photography, Ravi recently spent around $95,000 on an impressive house shaped like a giant vintage camera, complete with a lens-shaped window, flash, and even a giant SD card. Ravi has been a photographer for the last 33 years. While his love for photography is well known in the region, his recently-completed house has seen people from nearby areas arriving to take photographs and selfies with it.

The man has been fond of photography since childhood. Apparently, he wasn’t a good student, but he was always fond of Pentax and Zenit cameras shooting pictures, and was always confident he could make a living as a photographer.
He was right, and as business picked up, he opened his own studio and named it after his wife, Kripa Rani. Then, as his three sons were born, he apparently felt the need to show off his passion for photography by naming them all after famous camera brands.
Ravi Hongal’s unique-looking home was recently become viral online, and while only the exterior is visible, the description claims that the interior decorations are along the same lines, with ceilings and walls designed as different parts of a camera.
Each floor of the three-storey building is dedicated to his sons: the eldest Canon who is 20-years-old, Nikon who is 18, and Epson who is 13.
When asked how his children feel about their unique names, Ravi said: “When I decided to name them after camera brands, they didn’t understand much but my wife was very supportive. They often used to ask me about their names as they got older, and even if they did mind earlier, now they’re quite happy. I explained that I named them after things I love the most and they understood it, and now are proud.”
Asked if he ever imagined that the photos of his house will become internet sensations, he said he did not build the house for publicity, and he didn’t anticipate it at all. It was his dream, and he is just happy that that his passion is being recognised and people are enjoying it. He feel proud to see people stopping by to take photos and selfies….

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