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#September 10, 1547: Battle of Pinkie Cleugh between English and Scottish forces

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On this day, September 10, 1547, along the banks of the River Esk, a massive battle occurred that pitted Scottish and English forces in what has been called the first modern conflict recorded on the British Isles.
The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, also known as the Rough Wooing, is considered one of the largest battles ever fought on Scottish soil, but It’s also viewed as one of the defining battles of the medieval English-Scottish conflict. The Scottish suffered a heavy defeat, in a day now forever known as “Black Friday”. Pinkie Cleugh is known not only for its scope and English victory, but also for the simultaneous presence of firearms and traditional weaponry such as bows and swords.
In total, more than 15,000 people were killed in the battle.

Constructed in 1998, a memorial stone overlooks modern farmland that is believed to be where the battle took place. The monument is one of the stops along Musselburgh’s Battlefield Walk historical trail.
Every September 10th on the anniversary of the battle, a commemorative ceremony takes place here.


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