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Salmon ATM – frozen in Norway, vended in Singapore!

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Recently, in January 2019, a new ATM was unveiled in Singapore’s Wisteria shopping mall.
Nothing strange, apparently.
However, instead of cash, this machine dispenses 200-gram fillets of frozen salmon from the fjords of Norway and today, dozens of salmon ATMs dot the island city-state.

Manish Kumar, founder and CEO of Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd, declared that his goal is to make his beloved salmon available and afforbable to all. So, by cutting out the cost of storefronts, staff, and distributors, he’s able to sell his fillets for S$5.90 ($4.25). In addition, by holding them under -4 degrees in each vending machine, the fish stays fresh for up to two years. In any case, thanks to promising sales, it’s unlikely any fillets will stick around that long.
Interestingly, the company decided on Singapore because of the country’s vending-machine culture (Singaporean machines vend everything from ice cream, to books, or luxury cars!), but also affection for Norwegian salmon.
With locations in shopping malls, commercial areas, housing condominiums, and suburban areas, Norwegian salmon is now available to salmon-loving Singaporeans in 61 locations, 24/7.
In a recent interview Kumar noted, with apparent satisfaction that “There have been many cases where customers buy salmon after midnight.”

Author’s notes: the ATMs do not take cash and you can pay only with debit and credit cards. Salmon is dispensed frozen. The original ATM is located on the first floor of the Wisteria Mall.

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